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Charles Parker


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AZ Credit Medix, LLC
4500 S Lakeshore Dr #515
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Instructor for Arizona Department of Real Estate
I was born in Puerto Rico and moved to California where I spent most of my life, before moving to Arizona in 2001. For over 9 years I worked in the financial aid industry for the University of Phoenix and The Art Instituted of Pittsburgh. Since my back ground has always been in finance that was the reason I got into this line of business in 2007. I actually went through the same thing as my clients. My credit took a hard hit after the economic downfall. After a lot of research, reading various articles and writing numerous letters to the credit bureaus, I was able to raise my own credit score. Having done all that work I knew there was an easier process to get your credit restored.
Charles W. Parker is the CEO/Founder of AZ Credit Medix, LLC. AZ Credit Medix, LLC provides Credit Restoration, and Credit Education to our customers so they can achieve their financial dreams one step at a time. Charles is also a Arizona Department or Realty Certified Credit Instructor.

To sum it up I have dedicated my life to helping people. I am a family man who strives on securing a future for my own family through financial freedom. That is why my favorite part of this business is helping families or individuals achieve their financial dreams. Seeing the excitement in my clients when they get that house, the car they always wanted, saving significant amounts of money from their monthly student loan payment with lower interest rate is priceless.

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